Ken Swyt Design Studio

The design and staging studio is filled with treasures that would look at home in either a Portland Craftsman bungalow, a turn of the century Colonial Revival, or a Modern Revival home.

Brightly colored glass vases, vintage pottery, metal sculptures and glass terrariums are all available to style a home so it can shine its brightest.

Ken’s Design Philosophy

Creating beautiful and appropriate environments requires embracing the integrity of the space and allowing it’s strengths to be featured and embellished upon.

Great design incorporates the appreciation for color, pattern and textures, light, scale and continuity, all within the space it is intended for.

Creating a sensory experience whether it be through the sounds of a water feature or the fragrance of orange blossoms, is key to engaging with the participant.

Ken Swyt Design is:

Organic with a modern twist

Sophisticated and simple

Modern meets whimsy

Ken Swyt Biography

Ken’s enthusiasm and passion are the hallmark of many of his client’s key events. His knack for translating a client’s vision into a memorable and highly customized visual experience speaks to his boundless creativity and his love for going beyond the expected.

Ken is known for giving organic elements a sophisticated, modern twist. He treks the globe in constant pursuit of that moment that will spark an idea for an event, whether it’s an al fresco dinner for 10 or a lavish corporate dinner for 200. With over 20 years in the industry, he continues to surprise and delight his client’s with one-of-a-kind inspired events.

He has cultivated decades-long relationships with vendors, associates and clients. He knows that creating a memorable experience is a team effort and requires the input from reliable partners. His greatest gift is knowing how to make the most of every detail. After all, sometimes the tiniest blooms can end up being the stars of the show.

Ken can provide your next event with design, event coordination, rented or custom furniture, specialty linens, lighting and flowers, all to create a complete environment for a memorable event.

Partial client list includes:

Cisco, SVBLeerink, Barclays Global Investors, Samsung, Constellation Brands, Wells Fargo, Dryers, Haagen -Dazs, Equinix, Mastercard, BlackRock, The Hartford, Leerink, UBS, Richemont, Chevron, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, U.S. News, Sun Microsystems, U.S. Venture Partners, Larkin Street Youth Services, International AIDS Conference


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